6 Festival Trends You Need To Try

Posted on 04 April 2017

You know it’s officially spring when your Instagram feed is flooded with festival looks. Coachella is the biggest (and our personal favorite) music festival and we are super excited for it! As a boho online clothing boutique, we decided to put together a little guide that will give you an insight about the hottest festival trends for 2017.

So, are you ready to find that out? Let’s get started:

Space Buns

Aren’t space buns like the cutest thing ever? They not only look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G but also keep all that hair out of your face during the festival. You can try them loose or go for something more tightly pulled together. You can even add some glitter in your center partition; now wouldn’t that look totally cool? 

Off The Shoulder Everything

If it isn’t off-the-shoulder, it isn’t cute enough! We are an online boutique that has tons of super adorable off-the-shoulder pieces that are just perfect to wear at Coachella. Find the hottest off-shoulder tops on our website https://shopbackeast.com/collections/tops

Mirrored Sunnies 

What would festival season be without a pair of sunnies? But not just regular ones; this season you need to find something a bit more reflective. 

coachella fashion online womens boutique


Did you really attend a music festival like Coachella if you didn’t wear a bodysuit? You can just wear them with a pair of distressed or frayed shorts and you are ready to dance all day (and night) long! 

Western Belts

Space buns? Check. Mirrored sunnies? Check. Western belts? Oh yeah; how can we forget those? A western style belt buckle will pull that whole festival look together. 


Sheer, sheer and more sheer! Coachella is the best place to wear all those sheer pieces you have in your closet. Want some inspiration for that? Check out Kendal Jenner’s outfits; you’ll see plenty of sheer happening there. 


Bralettes are cute, comfy and totally acceptable as outwear. Coachella is like the perfect place to show off your bralette collection without any shame! 

And there you go ladies; the top 6 festival trends for 2017. As an online clothing boutique, we want you to always have your fashion game strong. So, make sure you try out all these trends this year at Coachella

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    Great post! <3 coachella!

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