Beat Stress to the Curb!

Posted on 10 December 2016

Beat Stress to the Curb!

Stress isn’t good, stress isn’t something anyone wants. And the worst part; stress is quite stressful! If you have been looking for ways to reduce stress or get rid of it, guess what? You just came to the right place! We are an online woman’s boutique that totally understands what stress feels like.  That is why at Back East Boutique we decided to do our research and put together a few ideas and tips that will help you in reducing stress. So, let’s go ahead and get started! 


Just a few minutes of meditation per day will surely help ease your anxiety. It’s simple to do; just sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes and focus all your attention on reciting any positive mantra that you know. 


Be Social

There is no better way to beat stress than socializing with your family and friends. Just because you are stressed doesn’t mean that you should just sit at home and pull yourself away from others. Talking to others and sharing stuff can really help ease you. Remember to only surround yourself with positive people and those who truly want your best.


Laugh Out Loud

Want to lighten up your mood? Or get rid of some mental load? A good belly laugh can do wonders! You can do stuff by watching a funny movie, videos, reading comics or simply having a chat with someone who makes you smile. Can we recommend Sex and The City episodes on Netflix? 




Crank Up The Tunes

Listening to music can really help lower your heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs and listen to it whenever you feel down or stressed. Different people have different tastes, so figure out what you like and what kind of music puts you in a good mood.  Try searching for stress therapy music on Youtube!



Exercise isn’t just good for your body, but it also helps relieve stress. Even a quick walk in the morning will help you ease up. 


Sleep Better

We all know that stress can cause lack of sleep. However, it may also be the reason why you are feeling more stressed with every passing day. Just get everything out of your mind, dim the lights, and take a relaxing bath before getting in bed. Never every compromise on it! 





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