Trendy Denim Jean Jacket on a Live Concert

Posted on 28 August 2016

A story from a customer!!  Enjoy!

A couple weeks ago we headed to Paso Robles for the weekend to see Blake Shelton at the Mid State Fair. Well, I should say that my oldest daughter and I saw the concert. My husband had to stay at the hotel with the two babies. Athena was only four weeks old at the time. It was quite the adventure to be in the car that long with two babies, but when I got the opportunity to purchase the tickets to see Blake, I couldn’t pass them up. I’ve been wanting to see him for years, and it seemed as though he rarely performed in California. Maybe now that he’s dating Gwen Stefani (who lives in Southern CA) he will perform here more frequently. Perks for us! Having two babies back to back, it seems as though my life and wardrobe have been consumed by baby friendly, comfortable clothing. That’s tough, because I’m more than just a mom, but moms need to feel cute too. So when we decided to head up to the concert at the last minute (the tickets were sold to me just a few days before), I had no idea what to wear. Being that it was a country concert, I wanted to wear ‘country’ attire which I knew would at least consist of cowboy boots (which I already own). Being between sizes from just having a baby, makes it very challenging because I don’t want to buy larger clothes and if I do purchase new clothes, I still want to be able to wear them after losing the baby weight. So what is a girl to do? Wear yoga pants? Haha, I think not. So I went online to shop, because lets be real, I have absolutely no time to go into stores having two babies under two in toe. I came across a women’s online clothing boutique called Back East Boutique. There I found the cutest outfits, a lot consisting of boho chic, bohemian clothing which I felt was perfect for feeling comfortable and cute. I found this denim jean jacket and felt that it would fit the look I was going for at the concert. It arrived quickly after placing the order with the women’s online boutique and it was love right out of the package. It was extremely comfortable and being that it was pretty hot in Paso Robles but the concert was at night, it seemed like it would be the perfect jacket to wear. It turned out that it was and I was very comfortable all night and felt very cute, despite just having a baby and not feeling 100% myself most days. The jacket can be purchased here and is a perfect shade of denim blue and it really is the only jean jacket you will need in your closet. Pair it with jean shorts in the summer or a pair of jeans or leggings at night or any time of the year. I’m excited that I found it and hope that my review will help you in choosing the perfect jean jacket to buy for your closet. 

                                                                                                    Blake Shelton's fan 

                                                                                                    Los Angeles, California 

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