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My story and the start of Back East Boutique

Growing up in the small town of Berlin, Maryland, I had always wanted to live in a big city. As a little girl I would get all dressed up and fantasize about going to a glamorous new place. Yes, I was a dreamer in every sense of the word. At 19, I packed my bags, left my family behind and drove over 3,000 miles away to the bright lights of Los Angeles.

LA was the fantasy I had always hoped for. The beautiful weather, palm trees and celebrities were like a dream come true. But I wasn’t there just to soak up the sun and relax poolside; I was there to pursue my passion for everything fashion and get an education that would enable me to enter the fashion industry and show off my talents. My fashion adventure began at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. This became more than just an education for me, it became a creative outlet, a place where I could be inspired and let my passion grow.

After graduating from FIDM, I spent many years trying to see where my style and vision fit in the world of fashion. My first career in the industry was working for one of the area’s leading retail trend publications, Trends West. Where I would scout out retail trends and report on “What’s Hot in LA.” I also worked as a wardrobe stylist assistant in TV and film, where I got to meet and dress many of the industry’s top celebrities.

Working and living in Los Angeles through all of my 20’s was a fun adventure. I enjoyed the glitz and glam of LA and being apart of a city that was as fashion forward as they come. Although driving past the Hollywood sign or sitting next to a celebrity at lunch was apart of the everyday life in Los Angeles, I was struggling.  I still hadn't quite figured out my place in the fashion scene.  Working long hours as a wardrobe assistant was grueling and not having a family presence was tough. 

In my late 20’s, I married my long-time boyfriend, who was also from my hometown. We started a family of our own and I happily became a stay-at-home mom. I put my career on hold to raise my children and care for my family. It wasn’t until the birth of our second child when our lives took a drastic turn. Our son was born with health issues and for the first six months of his life we went through a very tough time. This was the moment that my husband and I realized how much we needed our family and friends and ultimately led us to move back east to our hometown of Berlin, MD.

Within a few months of moving back home, our son was perfectly healthy. Maybe LA didn’t agree with him or maybe there was a bigger force at hand, either way we happily embraced this new baby of ours. Finally, with the love and support of family and friends by our side, our lives were getting back on track.

After we had settled into being home again, I began to realize how much I missed being creative and having an outlet for my ideas and talents. I longed to get back to work and continue to pursue my dreams of working in the fashion industry. After a lot of thought and some soul searching, I took a big leap of faith. I decided to combine my love for all things fashion with my entrepreneurial spirit and that’s when Back East Boutique was born.

Through adversity and passion, I bring to you a collection of clothing that is centered around the Boho-chic vibe of Los Angeles. My online women’s boutique is a place to find that special piece that stands out in a crowd and lets you show off your own sense of style. My styles combine feminine details like embroidery and lace with Bohemian prints, peasant tops and more. Needless to say I’m a fashionista at heart with a flair for anything Boho. I hope you become a part of my adventure here at 

Back East Boutique!


Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising: http://fidm.edu/en/about/the+fidm+blog/fidm+alumna+nicole+chamberlain+opens+shop

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