Loyalty Points

For every dollar spent - you'll receive 2 points!

What do I get with Back East Loyalty Points?

You get to redeem your points for store credit or free shipping!
500 points = $5.00

1000 points = $10.00
2500 points = $25.00

What can I earn points on?

• Create a store account - 200 points
• Make an order - 2 points for every $1 spent
• Refer a Friend - 250 points
• Share website on Facebook - 75 points
• Share website on Twitter - 50 points
• Like us on Facebook - 50 points
• Follow us on Instagram - 50 points
• Enter your Birthday - 150 points

How do I earn points?

Start an account - it's that simple!

I have over 500 points, where is my code?!

Congratulations!  Make sure you are logged in and click on the "Loyalty Points" tab (bottom of the website) and "Redeem" now!   Happy Shopping!


How do I receive my discount code?

You will receive your discount via email; please check your spam folder if you don't receive it immediately.

I'm an existing customer, but have not received any points.

Simply start an account and your points will automatically be added to your account for past purchases.  

Do loyalty points expire?


Can I use my loyalty points in store or at a popup shop?

Yes! When checking out, let us know and we'll give you the discount at the register!

I don't understand.

Contact us via email, Facebook or live chat!  We love helping our customers.

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